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A well ventilated home is an essential part of having a healthy home

Inadequate ventilation means poor air quality, window condensation and moisture build up. It also makes your home a lot harder to keep warm. A good home ventilation system will help to reduce condensation and hidden moisture that creates mould and mildew – both major causes of asthma and allergies - and also reduce rot, odours, toxins and air-born allergens.

You want to be sure you are getting the right ventilation solution for you and your family. Ventilation One provides cost effective ventilation systems which help create a healthy, comfortable and energy efficient home.

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Good ventilation circulates air around your home, removing odours, reducing moisture and flushing out pollutants and irritants.

Ventilation One provides a range of ventilation systems to suit all kinds of kiwi homes. Have a look at our range of systems or give us a call to discuss the options!

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